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Restore your driveway and give the front of your house a brand new look. We specialise in driveway, patio, pathways, walls, decking and fencing cleaning services that will revive tiered looking  areas and restore them back to how they looked when they were new. Weeds, stains, paint, gum all removed leaving a gleaming finish. We are so sure there will be a vast improvement that we will not charge you a penny if there is not a noticeable difference!

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When you want your driveway, patio or pathway to last and look great for many years it’s important to consider its location. If it’s north facing or has lots of over hanging trees and plants it will lead to substantially more weed, mould and algae growth.

The best protection against this is to seal your surface! Sealing creates a water tight barrier which inhibits weed, algae and mould growth due to a lack of moisture which is vital for them to thrive.

The creation of this barrier (Seal) also prevents the decay and staining of your cherished brickwork or stone surfaces over the years as they are not directly exposed to the elements.

Driveway Restoration


Drive 3

I just don't have the time to get out there and constantly spray weed killer to keep the weeds away. Unfortunately lots of weeds grew due to my lack of of patience and time so I decided to call in the professionals. "It's so much easier to get Driveway Restoration Services to do it and has made such a difference.

They're so friendly and easy to talk to and the results were outstanding!" Would strongly advise anyone contemplating this type of thing to give them a call.

Kate Eccleswade


Drive 4

My back isn't what it used to be so once I saw the advert showing how clean my driveway could get I thought why not give it a go. All I can say is "what an amazing job"! Was really happy once they were finished and would recommend their services to anyone.

Amanda Fanning


Drive comparison 2

After 15 years of my car, my husbands and both children's cars being parked on our driveway, not forgetting all the oil leaks, tyre marks etc it started to look dirty and a lot darker. I contacted Driveway Restoration Services and from the start I felt comfortable and at ease.

They were so knowledgeable offering lots of useful and helpful advice, plus I didn't feel pressured into having to use them the choice was entirely mine. The process was explained to me and we agreed dates for the work to be completed. "My drive was transformed and looked like a completely different driveway. Was so impressed with the results that I have booked them to come back and do my patio and pathway in my garden."

Ellen Rafferty


Garage drive

After my car had an oil leak my driveway had a noticeable patch that really aggregated me. I contacted Driveway Restoration Services for a quote and to see if it was removable. After a chat regarding the options I could utilise I decided to go ahead with the work.

"What a great job, it's gone from an eye sore to a beautiful floor! Can't thank the guys enough for their great work!"

Colin Daniels


Drive 6

We were due to hold a large summer event in our garden celebrating our twins graduation with lots of friends and family due to attend. We have a large raised patio area that opens up onto a grass verge. We have stone paving and It was originally a distressed roman sand colour (creme/ beige). Over the years after lots of rainfall and puddles sitting on top it has weathered badly and has started to look a tad shabby, hence a decision was made to contact the team.

I was concerned with using a jet wash and the choice of sealant to use as we have natural stone. I was reassured with the methods to be employed and shown a portfolio of similar jobs that had previously been completed which really helped to settle my anxiety. Once the process was finished "I was delighted to see my beautiful roman sand colour restored to my lovely stone paving leaving an immaculate finish."

Andreas Falconi


Decking 5

Our decking is quite old and I was thinking I may have to change it. It started with a beech finish but is now almost black. I wanted it cleaned and colour to be restored and "I was surprised by how well it looked at the end."

A professional decking oil was used to seal and protect the wood from weathering and going so dark so soon. We will definitely get a lot more years out of it now.

Raymond Goldman